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Denisa Blackwood

Data for Change

New data shows that women in AI are overqualified, but make up less than 22% of the workforce. How can this happen?

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Keep your Mac running fast and cool by substituting these Electron-based desktop apps with lighter options.

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The 5 lightweight apps that make my Mac the power user’s dream — data scientist edition.

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First, let go of the lone wolf mentality.

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I tried all the apps recommended by my readers in responses. Here are my top picks.

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But here’s why I switched anyway

The Samsung Galaxy A70 (vector from Wikimedia Commons) and the iPhone 12 (vector from Wikimedia Commons).

Android’s Main Long-Term Strengths

Price Point

Books that put the world into perspective and helped me find myself.

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The three key points to consider when getting started with instant photography.

A few images from my personal collection. Picture by the author
1. Instax Film vs Polaroid Film
2. Instax Cameras vs Polaroid Cameras
Entry Level Cameras
Cameras with Advanced Features
3. Recommended Use Cases: Instax vs Polaroid
Capturing Memories
Experimental Photography
Main takeaway

I use a minimalistic spreadsheet setup to track my monthly budget and spending

The Budget tab of my spreadsheet. Screeenshot by the author.

Acting early is everything when a mental health crisis is coming.

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Denisa Blackwood

Scientist based in London. I write about tech, science, society and mental health. For collaborations, get in touch at denisa.blackwood [at]protonmail[dot]com

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