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This week, researchers at the Turing Institute, a data science and artificial intelligence hub in London, United Kingdom, published a report aptly titled: “Where are the women? Mapping the gender job gap in AI”. Their findings, while saddening, are far from surprising: women are severely under-represented in the UK and…

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We’ve all been there: whether you like to use Windows, Linux or Mac, something doesn’t feel quite right when certain apps run at the same time. Be it the fans inexplicably kicking in at idle, or noticeable sluggishness in an otherwise fast machine, RAM hogging apps can cause some inconveniences…

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Me from 6 months ago would shudder at the title. Back when I was using my mid-2012 MacBook pro for all day professional and personal use, performance optimisation was everything. And I mean, everything. My old Mac, at its modest 2 CPU cores and abysmal integrated graphics, could use any…

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I used to hate Widgets with a passion. What is worse than seeing uncoordinated colour schemes, clutter and general disarray the moment you unlock your iPhone?

I gave Widgets a hard pass even on my old Android device. I could not get past the feeling of being overwhelmed by information…

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I was privileged enough to attend university. Furthermore, I was also privileged enough to attend university out of genuine academic interest in my subject. I was always going to make a career out of my degree.

However, many students have to manage an intellectually demanding workload while simultaneously broadening their…

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I got great comments from readers on my MacOS apps articles to date, for which I am very humbled and grateful. It is always a pleasure to see what other power users recommend in terms of tools.

What better way to celebrate these wonderful, helpful comments than to highlight some…

Denisa Blackwood

Scientist based in London. I write about tech, science, society and mental health. For collaborations, get in touch at denisa.blackwood [at]protonmail[dot]com

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